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Compare power plans with our free comparison service to find the cheapest prices in your area

You must take into consideration your location and the details of your power usage when determining which company has the cheapest power plan for you. That means that because there are so many power companies in New Zealand, it can be time-consuming and complicated to figure out which is the best power plan for your circumstances.

That’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you. We keep abreast of all the power plans available from every company, and also the various conditions that apply to each power plan. So save yourself much time and effort, and fill in the form below to quickly and easily find which power company has the best plans and rates for you.

Why Compare Power Plans Through Us?

Fast Connect deals with every major power company in New Zealand to figure out the best power plans for you. And we not only have access to their standard power rates, we also have access to special deals that can save you even more money on your bill. Examples of some recent deals:

  • Free same-day reconnections, $150 power credit + a gift pack (valued at $50)
  • Free same-day reconnections, $200 power credit + 12% discount & collect Airpoints

How Does the Power Plan Comparison Process Work?


Step 1 – Upload your power bill

By uploading one of your recent power bills we will be able to see your address, the exact rates you are being charged and your power usage details. With this information we’re able to give you the most accurate power plan comparison possible.


Step 2 – Get a list of the cheapest power plans

Once we’ve finished the power plan comparison, we’ll show you the best plans available for your circumstances. And if you are already with the power company that has the best rates, we’ll tell you.


Step 3 – Get connected

If we find a cheaper plan and you decide to change companies, we’ll complete the paperwork for you – free of charge.

Benefits of Comparing Power Plans With Fast Connect

With Fast Connect, you can either compare power plans online, or you can call us to speak with a person that will answer all your questions before you make the decision to switch power companies.

Ready to compare and enjoy cheaper power rates?

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